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Body - Mind - Balance

Clinical Body / Energetic Therapy

EMF Balancing Technique
Explanation and Questions / Answers

If you are experiencing major life changes and need a gentle push, an EMF Balancing session may help you adjust to the next best pattern for your transition! There are many reasons to experience a session, from a desire to relax, a desire to heal and a desire to understand Self. Each session provides a powerful realignment within the energy anatomy to waken the energetic patter of Self enablement. After you have been through the four phases in sequence, you may choose any of the sessions. Each has its own procedure, and each has its own benefits.


The EMF Balancing Technique 
is an energetic balancing of your electromagnetic field. It strengthens your field and the patterns within it.

Phase I - Wisdom and emotions. This session releases stress and establishes a new pattern of freedom and well being. Experience the energetic balance between head and heart.

Phase II - Self direction and support. This session gracefully releases the energy restraints of what we call the past, and promotes awareness of self-support and self direction.

Phase III - Radiate Core Energy. The radiating of core energy encourages the increased flow of spiritual intelligence into your daily life.

Phase IV - Energetic accomplishment. In this balancing, a connection and communication with future Self is established...channeling future potential energy into the co-creation of your present reality.

Advanced Practitioners


Linda Carter


Carl Long Sr.


What Should You Expect?

During an EMF Balancing Session the calibration or strengthening process occurs for everyone whether or not one is conscious of the process. Some people feel the energy moving through their bodies, others do not. The procedures are precise working from feet to head, front to back, and head to feet again. We always complete the universal alignment with a strong connection and grounding to Mother Earth.

Sessions are conducted fully clothed in a relaxing healthy environment.

For a unique look at the Universal Callibration lattice and for more info click onto the EMF website:

Also, greater scientific detail is found in the book: Elegant Empowernment by Peggy Dubro & David Lapierre, Ph.D.

If you are in the Indianapolis, IN area and would like to make an appointment with either Carl Or Linda Please contact us by:


Carl     (317) 927-0943


Linda   (317) 545-2546


Fax      (317) 926-4321



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