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Body - Mind - Balance

Clinical Body Therapy

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Services & Price List

$70 Myofascial/Crainosacral Therapy

This gentle therapy is a proven effective method for the following aggravating conditions.


TMJ Syndrome
Chronic Headaches
Back Pain and discomfort not helped by other therapies
Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Relief noted after one session!

$75 Sports Rehabilitation Therapy

This is British sports therapy, Soft Tissue Release, as used by Stuart Taws, Sports Rehabilitation Therapist for Olympic record setters.

A proven method for pre-event athletics to greatly increase performance. And injury recovery is reduced by at least 50%! Ideal for toning major muscle groups and eliminating tight spastic muscles and joints.

$75 Clinical Body Therapy

Ideal for the following conditions: Chest and rib pain, Carpal-tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfers elbow, numbness or tingling in arms/hands, sciatica pain, chronic lower back and leg discomfort, frozen shoulder, whiplash, and some chronic conditions that drugs don't relieve.

$85 Deep Tissue Release Therapy

This intense session is ideal for you, if you can't get relief from the irritating tight pulling and burning in your back, neck, shoulders,or legs!

This therapy breaks down deep muscle adhesions by softening connective tissue and deep fascial binding.

The session concludes with muscle sculpturing and realignment of muscle groups.

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