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Clinical Body / Energetic Therapy

Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing


This therapy compliments physical bodywork.

What is EMF Balancing?

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, all living and non-living matter is electromagnetic. This field penetrates the body as energy fibers. These fibers form patterns unique to each individuals' reality. These patterns affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. The balancing and calibrating (strengthening) of these patterns provides a rewiring of the individuals' energy field. A new pattern is created within the field providing a stronger system to receive universal energy.

Energy healing is an ideal choice for relieving depression, chronic pain, phantom  pain, and to accelerate healing. It often helps you clarify personal issues.

For a more in-depth description 
on EMF Balancing Click Here.

Simply bring your "intent" to feel better. If nothing else has helped, this may be what your spirit needs! Male and Female facilitators are available for Energy Healing Therapy.

Linda Carter

If you are in the Indianapolis, IN area and would like to make an appointment with either Carl Or Linda Please contact Carl Long by:


Carl     (317) 596-9290


Linda   (317) 545-2546



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